“My goal has always been to create sounds that no one has ever heard before. I like to take people to a unique, dramatic soundscape that leaves them wanting more.”

In 2012 Clearside released his self-titled debut EP, which placed on Reddit’s Best of Year 2012 and could be heard in many media platforms, including over 25 TV shows and video games. 2015 will mark a new chapter for the 29-year-old producer and musician from Los Angeles.

“Clearside has always been a project that has been about struggle, about things not coming easy. It’s a way to explore those thoughts and emotions in a meaningful way.”

With a new single, and EP, Light Vision (EP) marks the first time Clearside has incorporated guest vocalists into his work. Having started his career engineering and mixing in the Detroit electronic underground, it was the perfect time to incorporate a few collaborations of his own with Jones and Brian Kim, (composer and Adele backup vocalist) who each provided smooth, ethereal vocals for two of the tracks on Light Vision.



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